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Current Projects

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For the past two years, I have been working on a three part book themed around Egyptian Mythology.

From cosmic portraits of the gods as their celestial manifestations to their various human and animal forms that they take - the many short stories and poems in the book will be illustrated with rich, full page paintings.

Book 1 - Black Sands - explores the many creation myths of the Egyptians, as well as the primordial beings who existed before the universe was created.

Book 2 - Luminous Skies - explores the pantheon of gods that came into being when the universe was created.

Book 3 - Devouring Stars - explores the journey once the sun sets - the journey of the soul through the afterlife as well as the journey of Ra to battle Apep and rise again as the sun each morning.

The first, in a series of illustrated novellas I am writing, Vespers is a fairytale about a young changeling girl, living with the fruit bats in the war-torn landscape of Northern France. What fey creatures glimmer in the trenches as the sun sets? What evening songs do the bats sing in the shimmering twilight?

The Changeling Fairytales are a group of stories I have been haunted by for many years now, and am excited to finally be able to put them to page. They explore the shadow world of fey - where children who have experienced much of the dangers of the real world escape and slowly create themselves.

Some create themselves as creatures of forgetting, some beasts of the woods, and sometimes even, into a human being again.

I am always amazed at the beautiful arrangements of colors and textures that can be found in nature. The series of paintings explores color through the lens of beautiful feathers and petals, finding striking palettes where bird and flower echo each other in beautiful landscapes and settings.

I wanted to create something that reminds us how beautiful and mysterious the world around us can be, to capture a feeling of a breath of soothing solitude and calm, and to hint at what we cannot yet see, a trick of the imagination at the corner of our eye.