Over the years, these changeling children have continually appeared in my paintings and writing. The stories of them have continued to cycle around me and inspire new work, paintings that surprised me - stories filled with changeling children I grew to love, or grew to fear.


Having made a home in the moonlight with a tribe of fruit bats, Sweet Tooth wanders the edge of a twilight world, hiding from her own memories of a lost family and war. Even here in this world, though, there are monsters and terrors. Some bats don’t eat fruit. Strange unknowable beings wander the same woods as she.

As she struggles to evolve in this wild dusk, slowly becoming more fae than child, she finds another child. How can she help him escape from the world she lives in, when the world they both came from terrifies her even more? Which world should they be running from? The trenches of France or the Dusk Forest?

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