Sekhmet Portrait

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Sekhmet Portrait

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This painting is part of my Egyptian mythology series for the book I am working on “From Dark Expanse, the Stars”

Sekhmet was a lion goddess, often associated with being the destroyer of Ra's enemies, a goddess of war - but also medicine. Not only could she bring plagues upon her enemies, but also the cure to those in her favor.

Not only was she known as 'The Lady of Terror' and the 'Red Lady' she was also known as 'The Lady of Life'. She also was known as 'She who mauls' and 'One before whom evil trembles' - but she was beloved.

She was the protector of Ma'at (balance and justice) and is often paired with Ptah (the creator), where she (as the destroyer) brings balance.

Because of her role as the fiery eye of Ra - I immediately associated her with a solar flare - and the painting just coalesced in my mind around that. It seemed fitting for a goddess who was known to go on murderous rampages as a lioness and have to be tricked into turning back into a goddess after drinking a river of blood.

I chose to design her headdress around the rearing cobra motif she usually wears and have the solar disk above her head - albeit a little more fiery

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