In the Moth's Flame

We all make choices in our life between different versions of ourselves. There are vital and motivated selves, curious and healthy selves, and there are self-destructive selves, selves that want to sink down in familiar wounds and remain there forever rather than healing. These different selves inevitably, are mutually exclusive. One will overtake the other and we must be conscious about which selves survive and which don't. There was a point in my life, where I had to decide to be a stronger person, to grow past my scars and become capable of living in a healthy way. In order to do that, I made a choice to kill the selves that acted against these goals.

In this painting however, I imagine the opposite choice. The three sirens emerging from the ocean as her raft sinks, are only manifestations of her own self-destructive nature. She does not try to save herself. She leans towards the water, towards her own beckoning hands to submerge herself forever.