Gravity and Light

The tension of attraction, seduction and the push and pull of desire and trepidation were ideas that I was really compelled by when painting this illustration. As in Greek mythology, I tried to convey a sense of the danger or risk in this dynamic between the god and her. I wanted the god to have a human form, a figure that we could empathize with and understand, but also, to still feel not of this world.  The smoke-like portal of darkness and space around him, becomes an extension of his presence in the image and crosses behind her, not yet enveloping or close, but to create a sense of connection.

I wanted the body language to be key in the storytelling, and so I choose to have her facing away from his gaze, but turning back, protective but also calm and lingering; attracting him towards her but also still indecisive. For the god, I wanted to create a sense of intent, imminent action and so I made sure the hands were the brightest feature, drawing attention to the potential of a decision or action, a strong will, yet they hang calmly at his side in this moment, where their pushing, pulling tension is held in balance.