I have been working on this book of paintings and stories themed around Egyptian mythology for over 2 years now - and strive to put out another painting for the book every 4-6 weeks! If you are interested in seeing more - you can follow on Patreon and see each new piece as it emerges, along with works in progress I don’t share anywhere else, high-res downloads, and prints!

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When I was young, I was fascinated by Egyptian mythology and the stories and ideas of these mystical beings. As I grew older, my love for mythology continued to grow, but I found myself disappointed by how often the art related to Egyptian mythology looked flat or lacking in the emotional depth I felt in these Gods and Goddesses. To me, these beings were vast, cosmic. They encompassed universal archetypes and principles that were the pillars of existence, of sentience, of knowledge and of life and death.

As I looked outward for images that connected to my understanding of these stories with little success, the images in my mind continued to grow and evolve, to take on faces and nuances. Eventually, there was a whole world that felt like it existed solely in my own mind.

So I’ve chosen to bring that world into reality and share it with others - to paint the faces that so often were just names, to write stories that so often were just summaries. And so I began work on my book of Egyptian mythology - From Dark Expanse, the Stars. My hope is, as I work towards completing this book, to share some of the art and writing along the way with those who share my love and passion for mythology! 

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