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For over two years, I have been working on a book of paintings and stories

themed around Egyptian Mythology, entitled: ‘From Dark Expanse, the Stars’.

When I was young, I was fascinated by Egyptian mythology and the stories and ideas of these cosmic beings that represented such universal ideas. As I grew older, my love for mythology continued to grow, and like any curious person, I began to explore, research and find books and art to learn more - and as I did so, a whole universe grew in my mind’s eye, of these beings’ reality.

But as my vision of them deepened and came to life, I began to feel more and more that the images and stories I found of them did not. And while these beings in my mind were vast and nuanced, the representations of them so often were flat, symbolic and simple. To me, these beings were vast, cosmic. They encompassed universal archetypes and principles that were the pillars of existence, of sentience, of knowledge and of life and death. As I looked outward for images that connected to my understanding of these stories with little success, the images in my mind continued to grow and evolve, to take on faces and nuances. Eventually, there was a whole world that felt like it existed solely in my own mind.

So I’ve chosen to bring that world into reality and share it with others - to paint the faces that so often were just names, to write stories that so often were just summaries. My hope is, as I work towards completing this book, to share some of the art and writing along the way with those who share my love and passion for mythology and who look for the meaning behind the word, and the soul behind the face! 


Follow on Patreon to see all the progress and finished work for the series!

Every time a new painting is completed (generally every 6-8 weeks), patrons can receive a physical print in the mail. I also share exclusive works in progress with my Patrons, that I don’t share any where else, as well as high-res downloads of each new painting. Follow along and see the book and series as it evolves, and even to collect new prints as each new painting is finished!

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I’ve also been working on creating a series of ink drawings for my Egyptian series as well! It began as an inktober project - but since these take me 30+ hours each - I was not able to keep up a pace of one a day. But I loved the start of the series so much, that I continue to work towards completing them all. My goal is, once I finish 31 ink drawings, that I will put them together in a sketchbook on Kickstarter as well as sell the originals and make prints available of each individual drawing.









Sekhmet Portrait.jpg




Atum creates humankind.jpg




Wepwawet Portrait.jpg




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He who lives where the day ends small.jpg

He Who Lives Where the Light Ends

He who lives where the light begins.jpg

He Who Lives Where the Light Begins

Gold and Wax (isis and Osiris)

Waiting for Bones


Fangs like Stars