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Jeszika Le Vye is an imaginative realist painter whose work uses natural imagery to explore philosophical and psychological themes. She often explores the inner landscape of the character in her paintings, the unconscious mind, history, and choices of the individual to manifest their reality - their infinite potential for greatness or self-destruction - the figures who create their own realities for better or worse.                

Jeszika is one of the founders and owners of Boneshaker Press where she co-manages Encounters with the Imaginary, a fantastical art anthology. The first three volumes were funded successfully on Kickstarter and feature a series of paintings specifically created for the anthology by dozens of artist.

She has also been hard at work for the last two years creating her own series of books, “From Dark Expanse, the Stars” a series of illustrated stories themed around Egyptian Mythology. For these books, she has been working through all the varied, often contradictory myths that spanned thousands of years, and weaving a narrative the explores the different archetypes and themes the different figures represent, while also trying to breathe new life into the characters and make them feel more three dimensional. She has run one successful Kickstarter campaign for this project and has another one running now that funded within the first hour! You can also follow along and see the series grow on her Patreon page, dedicated to her Egyptian Mythology series.

In addition to these projects, she is working on a series of ‘Changeling Fairytales’ - a series of illustrated novellas that explore the inbetween worlds of childhood, where new identities come into being. And she working on a series of paintings called Flora and Feather; a series of paintings that explore a love for the incredible colors and designs of nature and a strong appreciation to the art of classical realism.

Jeszika is a member of the Changeling Art Collective, and actively participates in art events such as Operation Gaia (donating art each year to a charity auction for the National Audubon Society), the Bird Whisperers, and Boneshaker Press. She has had her work juried into Light Grey Art Lab’s gallery show ‘Swarm’, as well as ImagineFX, Volumes 4 and 5 of Infected by Art, and Art Order’s ‘Tiny Dragon’ book.


I was a guest artist for the Fantastic Art Workshop - Illustration Intensive

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