Pleasure to meet you!


I am a Freelance Illustrator, specializing both in Digital Painting, as well as Oil Painting.  I'm an Imaginative Realist painter, who loves bringing to life visions of fantastical worlds.  I began as a fine-art oil painter and spent many years reproducing classical paintings, but as I moved into doing more original work I became interested in Illustration and visual storytelling.  I am extremely focused on trying to convey emotions and ideas in a painting. The themes I find myself often returning to involve the psychology of the character, the subconscious mind, the choices that the figures are faced with. 


I'm extremely curious and love learning almost anything - so it makes sense that I am also an avid book collector, and bibliophile!  My home is a constant war-zone between paintings and bookshelves competing for wall space.  My guilty pleasure is all things scifi, esp classic writers like Sturgeon, Asimov and Bester; though I'm just as enamored with Octavia Butler, Ann Leckie and Cherryh.  My best friendships were started over sharing books.  I even met my fiance by being nosy about what he was reading. :)  Fair warning: I love any excuse to talk about great books!


If you have a commission or job you think I would be a good fit for, please, don't hesitate to contact me, and we can discuss the details. I love the opportunity to invent creative solutions to new challenges!



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